Kenya Safari FAQs

Kenya Safari FAQs

Kenya Safari Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to travel?

Africa is truly a year-round destination for luxury safari travel. No matter when you are planning to travel, you will find a place in Africa that is perfect for that time of year. Generally, though, dry season is the best time for game-viewing and this takes place at slightly different times in different parts of Africa. For East Africa, the dry season is generally from July through October, while in Southern Africa it is a little longer: April through October. Please keep in mind that these are the peak seasons, so it is essential that you book well in advance during these months.

Do I need visas?

Visas are required for entry into Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. Visas for entry into Zimbabwe and Zambia can be obtained upon arrival. For U.S. passport holders, visas are not required for travel to South Africa, Botswana, and shorter stays in Zanzibar. Information on how to obtain your visas as well as a “visa kit” will be sent to you in plenty of time to obtain your visas before your departure. We will work with travellers who are not U.S. or Canadian citizens to obtain visa information specific to your citizenship.

What sort of food can I expect?

From the moment you arrive, your meals are included and each is a delight. Our lodges offer continental cuisine, in addition to local specialties to appeal to a wide range of palates. Nairobi boasts a variety of mouth-watering regional specialties, in addition to exceptional French cuisine, Indian curries and the ever-abundant fresh fish and game. South African specialties are derived from Indonesian cuisine with mildly spicy Malay dishes popular around Cape Town. In the bush, the quality of the cuisine in lodges and camps is superb. Meats, vegetables and fruits arrive daily, fresh from the surrounding area’s rich farmlands.

Kenya Safari FAQs

How is the weather?

East and Southern Africa enjoy glorious climates and both can accurately be called year-round destinations. In Kenya and Tanzania, a blissful 70 degrees Fahrenheit greets the day and rarely does the temperature vary throughout the year. The elevated altitudes keep temperatures comfortable, even calling for sweaters and jackets every evening and morning. Temperature variance is determined more by region than by season: upcountry areas such as Mount Kenya and the Aberdares at 7,000 feet can be cool, while the drier bush country is warmer and the sea level regions of Mombasa and Zanzibar quite tropical.

What immunizations are required?

In many cases, you won’t need any immunizations at all! For example, no immunizations are required to enter Kenya if arriving from the United States, Canada or Europe. We will address topics such as immunizations and general health considerations prior to your safari, however, please consult your local immunization clinic before you travel. It is always wise to carefully assess your health requirements before travelling abroad.

What is the minimum age for children?

Our family safaris are made for children, and other safaris can usually be tailored to accommodate any age. Call us at +254 722 456 190 to discuss which safari is right for you.


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