Kenya health

Kenya Health

Kenya Health

Regulations regarding health may change from time to time; therefore a check with any airline flying scheduled flights to Kenya is advised. There is high malaria prevalence in some parts of Kenya and visitors are advised to take anti-malarial drugs two weeks before they travel to Kenya. A yellow fever certificate will be needed if coming from an endemic area. The following points travelers must be aware of:

  • Malaria precautions are advised at all times.
  • Bilharzia present
  • Polio recommended
  • Tetanus recommended if coming from an infected area
  • Hepatitis A & B recommended
  • Typhoid recommended
  • Rabies present
  • Boiled or bottled water advised
  • Unpasteurised milk bust be boiled
Kenya health

There are reasobably good medical facilities in major towns that form part of Kenya safaris. Nairobi is the main centre and has most medical specialists. Since rules concerning disease prevention change from time to time, a check should be made with the nearest Kenyan High Commission, Kenya Tourist Office or any airline flying scheduled services into Kenya. Malaria is epidemic to most parts of Kenya and intending visitors should start taking anti-malarial tablets before departure and continue taking them for the prescribed time after their return. Insect repellents should be made use of after dusk and suitable cover up clothes should be worn in the evenings.


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