Kenya Safari Cost

Kenya Safari Cost

Cost of Safari in Kenya

How much does a Kenya safari cost? What is the safari price in Kenya? These are some of the most searched questions when it comes to safaris. As a safari specialist of 25 years, I find it a curious question as it is a bit like asking how much a car costs. It’s the classic how long is a piece of string question! But I do understand the need for the question and the answer. A safari is probably the most expensive form of holiday or vacation. So it is natural to check that you can afford it before really starting to dream and plan.

But as with cars, clothes and houses, there is no “one size fits all’’. So this article first looks some typical safari costs per night by season and by standard/mode of safari. And then we try to explain why. The aim is for you to be able to make an informed choice when deciding how much you would like to spend on your Kenya safari.

Kenya Safari Cost

We’ve noticed that many people search for an “all-inclusive safari”. The very nature of a safari is that it includes everything – all meals, teas & coffees, game activities, park fees and sometimes drinks. But the exact nature of all-inclusive varies from lodge to lodge. The more moderate lodges and safari lodges will not include drinks. Others will include just soft drinks. Premier lodges will typically include house wines, spirits and soft drinks. But there may be a premium wine list on offer as well.

Most activities will be included but there are some obvious exceptions. These are usually big ticket items that only some people want to do. A classic example would be a hot air balloon safari over the Mara. Or a spa treatment… But some are less obvious. Some activities – such as game walks – are included at most camps but excluded at some.

So always check exactly what is and isn’t included when you receive a safari costing. And if in doubt, ask us!


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