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African Travel Guide

Having lived in Africa our whole life, we share our experiences and knowledge to help you optimize your East African Safari and leave you with unforgettable memories of the time you spend here. East Africa is a wild realm of extraordinary landscapes, peoples and wildlife in one of our planet's most beautiful corners.

01Kenya Travel Guide

Our Kenya travel guide covers the top Kenya travel tips, things to do, and best places to visit in Kenya. The lush landscapes and wondrous wildlife might be what Kenya is known for, but between bustling cities, lovely locals, and extraordinary eats, you’ll learn there are many things to see in Kenya and even more to do.

kenya travel guide
Tanzania Travel Guide

02Tanzania Travel Guide

Before you visit any new country, it always helps to be prepared and know what’s going to be in store for you on your trip, especially in a new country like Tanzania. That’s why to help you on your trip, we have prepared a list of the top ten essential Tanzania travel tips that will make your vacation a lot safer and better.

03Uganda Travel Guide

Look no further than our Top Travel Tips which provide a wealth of information on all the essential need-to-knows. Our Uganda experts have shared their top Uganda travel tips with us, from exploring the culture to seeing gorillas and remembering wildlife exists beyond the great apes!

Uganda travel guide
Rwanda Travel Guide

04Rwanda Travel Guide

Up-to-date, relevant travel information direct from the experts - get White Plains Safaris’ essential Rwanda travel advice before you go. For practical advice and what to expect on gorilla trekking. From visa to health information, language, currency and more discover all the essential details from experts in our Rwanda travel guide.

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