Best Time For Kenya

Best Time to Visit Kenya

Best Time to Visit Kenya

Kenya is a year-round destination for both safari and beach holidays. The main tourist seasons tie in with the rainfall patterns: the biggest influxes of visitors are in December – January and July – August. Dry-season travel has a number of advantages, not least of which is the greater visibility of wildlife as animals are concentrated along the diminishing watercourses. July to September is probably the best period, overall, for game-viewing, with early September almost certain to coincide with the annual wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara. October, November, and March are the months with the clearest seas for snorkelling and diving. In the long rains, the mountain parks are occasionally closed, as the muddy tracks are undrivable.

But the rainy seasons shouldn’t deter travel unduly: the rains usually come only in short afternoon or evening cloudbursts, and the landscape is strikingly green and fresh even if the skies may be cloudy. There are bonuses, too: fewer other tourists, reduced prices and often perfect light for photography.

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The vegetation that covers the rocks and the wildlife that live there and the overall attractiveness of a climate essentially depend on three major factors: temperature, rainfall and humidity. In Kenya these three factors are controlled by altitude. In general the low areas are very hot and the temperature falls as the land rises. The low areas also tend to have poor rainfall and a dry atmosphere with low humidity. The main exceptions are the coastal strip and the area along the shore of Lake Victoria in the west. Both are hot with high rainfall and high humidity.


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