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Kilimanjaro Private Toilet Tents

Kilimanjaro Private Toilet Tents

Once you decide on a Tour Operator for your Kilimanjaro climb, you will have the option to add on additional things to make your climb more comfortable and adding a private toilet to your climb will be one of those options. In this post I hope to shed some light on the bathroom situation on Kilimanjaro to help you make the decision on if you should add a private toilet to your climb.

Cleanliness - Private toilets are for exclusive use by only your private group. So it has way less traffic than the public outhouses at the Kilimanjaro camps, and naturally it smells much better than their public counterparts (“better” being a relative term here!)

Kilimanjaro Private Toilet Tents

Convenience – Depending on the location of your tent and it’s proximity to the camp outhouses it can sometimes be a challenge to get to the outhouse at night when there is no light or in foggy conditions which often occur on the mountain. Having a private toilet also means a lot less waiting for others to finish using the outhouses.

The public toilets at each of the Kilimanjaro camps are essentially outhouses where a wooden structure has been built to cover a hole in the ground to capture human waste. The public Kilimanjaro toilets are comparable to the toilets that you would find at many remote national parks in the U.S. and similar to the experience of using a port-o-potty aka portable toilet. There is no running water and thus no flushing. Due to this, the smell can be pretty awful, as you might expect.

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