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Vaccinations and Health Information

Vaccinations and Health Information

There is no requirement to have any vaccinations for visitors to Tanzania unless the climber will have recently visited, or spent more than 12 hours in transit through, a Yellow Fever risk area prior to entering Tanzania.

Other recommended inoculations for Kilimanjaro and Tanzania include:

Typhoid This disease is caught from contaminated food and water. A single injection lasts for three years.

Polio The polio vaccine used to be administered by sugar-lump, making it one of the more pleasant inoculations, though these days it’s more commonly injected. Lasts for ten years.

Hepatitis A This debilitating disease of the liver is spread by contaminated water, or even by using cutlery that has been washed in this water. The latest inoculation involves two injections; the first will protect you for three years, the second, taken six to twelve months later, will cover you for ten years.

Tetanus Tetanus vaccinations last for ten years and are absolutely vital for visitors to Tanzania. The vaccination is usually given in combination with one for diphtheria. Once you’ve had five injections, you’re covered for life.

Meningococcal meningitis this disease of the brain is often fatal, though the vaccination, while not free, is safe, effective and lasts for three to five years. Rabies If you’re spending some time with animals or in the wilderness, it’s also worth considering having a course of rabies injections, though it isn’t pleasant, consisting of three injections spread over one month.

Immunizations & Health

Commonly Recommended Vaccinations

The following vaccinations are commonly advised by general medical practioners and are best administered when detailed below but, again, they are not required by Tanzanian border authorities to be evidenced as having been administered. The list of recommended vaccinations for East African travel is updated regularly by the WHO. Your local healthcare practice will usually have an up to date list. Please consult them, if you subscribe to the practice of obtaining vaccines.

    Yellow fever - 10 days before travel

    Typhoid - 10 days before travel

    Hepatitis A - 2 weeks before travel

    Diphtheria - 3 months before travel

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