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Kilimanjaro Food

Our cooks use fresh, locally grown food whenever possible. We choose the ingredients carefully to ensure that the food prepared by our team is tasty, easy to digest, and provides energy. The menu has a high liquid and carbohydrate content – the two important elements for successful climbing. One thing you won’t see much of is “box lunches.” Most companies regularly give their clients dry, tasteless meals consisting of a sandwich, some fruit, and other snacks day in and out. They are mostly comprised of empty calories that will sap your energy in the long run. That is why we serve meals that we know our clients want to eat.

Our meals are varied and inviting. The mountain chefs will surprise you with their culinary skills. Some of the entrees you may see on Kilimanjaro include spaghetti with tomato sauce, beef curry with rice, and even fried chicken with mash potatoes.

Kilimanjaro Food

sample menus

We have a separate dining tent with food available upon request at any time. Following are some sample menu items offered during meals while on the Kilimanjaro climb:


tea/coffee, sliced fruit, scrambled eggs, bacon, porridge, homemade granola, toast, honey, and jam.

Snacks on the trail

A trail mix of roasted cashews, peanuts, chocolate, and raisins. We also offer sugary sweets, which add much needed energy boosts at higher altitudes. We dry our own fruit (pineapple, mango, and banana), which is a perfect light-weight nutritional and sweet trail snack. Our homemade granola and sun-dried tomatoes are also real favorites.

Picnic Lunch

This is set up along the trail midway through the day’s hike. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, sandwiches, soup, guacamole, peppers, tomatoes, almond date bars, nuts, fruit, sun dried tomatoes, and cheese.


Tomato ginger soup with baked bread, fresh tilapia with chips, peas with butter and mint, avocado tomato salad, apple pie and cream. At higher altitudes, we eat more starch based food that is easier to digest, including pasta with garlic bread, spaghetti bolognese, cauliflower, carrots, brownies, and fruit cake. After the climb, we enjoy a sumptuous celebratory meal brought in fresh from our Arusha headquarters!

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