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Kilimanjaro Guides

Kilimanjaro Guides

Unless you specifically request mountain guides of any given nationality, Uhuru Trails by White Plains Safaris supply Tanzanian native guides, often Chagga people, hardworking, enterprising and resourceful Bantu farmers, familiar with Mount Kilimanjaro and its surrounding area from their childhood.

Uhuru Trails by White Plains Safaris also contract with other Tanzanian nationals, Maasai, and members of other diverse tribes, all united in their enthusiasm to develop safe ways to introduce visitors to the wonders of a hike on Kilimanjaro. As you tramp along, they will divert you with stories, explanations, songs and language lessons, weaving a complex tapestry of personal anecdotes and unique insights that cannot fail to enrich your Tanzanian highlands tour experience.

Kilimanjaro Guides

The coveted title of ‘mountain guide’ is not earned easily at White Plains Safaris. Each of our guides began their journey as a porter carrying necessary supplies up the mountain to ensure the success of climbers. On each trip, porters become more knowledgeable (and strong!) as they learn from the seasoned guides they travel with.

Every guide at White Plains Safaris has undergone schooling which is offered through the Mount Kilimanjaro Porters Society. The guides of White Plains Safaris are fluent in English and many other languages as well. Our guides support our community - they lead our climbers safely, teach the other staff members about the mountain, and ensure the safety of all involved on the climb.

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