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Kilimanjaro FAQs

Kilimanjaro FAQs

1. Can we use a drone on Kilimanjaro on Safari?

Drones are illegal to use in Tanzania without a license and special permit. In order to get a drone permit, the drone operator needs to have a pilot’s license for aircraft. Once that happens, the request is sent to the defence department for approval. We recommend, due to the cost and length of time it takes to get a drone permit, to just leave your’s at home. If you choose to take one anyway and get caught, you and your guide can end up in jail.

2. Are there charging stations on Kilimanjaro?

There are no charging stations on Mount Kilimanjaro.

3. How do we shower on the Mountain?

All water on the mountain is carried from the water source to the camp and treated. Because of this, there are no showers on the mountain. You can bring wet wipes if you like to clean up. We also provide warm water for you to wash your hands and face.

4. How does the normal routes on Kilimanjaro compare with Denali since it is at a similar altitude or Rainier?

Kili is a straightforward climb via the normal routes with no real objective danger except for cold summit weather. Porters carry everything for you, as required by the park regulations, so all you carry is a simple day pack with the bare essentials. On Kilimanjaro, it is very dry and there is rarely snow down low but some snow on the summit. There is no crevasse danger like on Denali or Rainier on the normal routes. It more similar to a tough Colorado 14er than Rainier or Denali.

Kilimanjaro FAQs

5. Is a Kilimanjaro climb dangerous?

Kilimanjaro is a relatively safe climb by the standard routes. However, there are always deaths on these big mountains. Kilimanjaro is no different. The most common cause of death is probably altitude related and that is from going too fast and not taking the time to acclimatize. This is why selecting the proper guide service is critical.

6. Where is Kilimanjaro?

Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania, Africa. It is unique not only for being the highest in Africa and one of the 7 summits but for having one of the highest stand-alone vertical gains of any mountain earth. It stands seemingly alone in the Tanzanian savannah. Most climbers fly into Kilimanjaro airport and take a cab or bus to Moshi, Tanzania to meet up with their team or guide service. View Kilimanjaro on a larger map.

7. When is it usually climbed?

A: Being near the equator, it can be climbed most anytime of the year however the biggest consideration is the rainy season in the winter so summer is most popular with September being the prime month.

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