Uganda Weather & Climate

Uganda Weather and Climate

Uganda Weather and Climate

Knowing Uganda’s Climate and Weather throughout the year is vital in preparing your Africa safari vacation because who would want to get stuck in the jungle with heavy downpours. Here we take a look at all-weather seasons in Uganda to help you plan your gorilla tour or savanna adventure with the right information. Uganda enjoys tropical weather, which is perfect all year round, with temperatures between 16-28°C for most of the year. Being crossed by the Equator, its climate is mitigated by an altitude of 900 to 1800m.

The climate is influenced by its topography, with high mountains, hills, an elevated plateau, and plenty of lakes on the map. There is a slight fluctuation in temperature because there is no real winter or summer. In general, temperatures are pleasant with warm or hot days and cool or cold nights.

Uganda Weather & Climate

The dry season is experienced from December to February and June to July. The wet season is from September to November and March to May. This means that the dry seasons have fewer rains, but the parks remain wet during these months. However, the northeast, which is more subjected to drought, has one continuous wet season from March to November and Dry season from December to February. The wet season does not necessarily mean there are heavy downpours throughout the day.

Rain can be experienced at night and maybe a few hours of rainfall during the day. One can still enjoy a holiday in this season. The presence of Lake Victoria, which provides moisture to the south, thus induces precipitation in the western shores. Without this lake, it would be dry and arid throughout the year. Due to the equator running through Uganda, sunrise will come at around 6:30 am and sunset is around 7 pm, throughout the entire year.


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