Uganda Food

Uganda Food Guide

Uganda Food Guide

A stable food item in the Ugandan diet is the matoke, which is a green banana that is mashed and steamed. Posho, which is cornmeal, is another common food item. Kidney beans, ground peanut sauce, cassava, and sweet potatoes are also frequently consumed. In addition, fresh fruits and vegetables are eaten regularly. Meat is very expensive in Uganda, and is consumed only rarely. If meat is eaten, it is generally beef. Ugandan food tends to consist of a meat-based stews or sauce dishes accompanied by ugali, a thick doughy paste made from maize, or matoke, cooked and mashed green banana. Aside from meat and vegetables, beans and ground nuts are also added to stews for texture and cassava, yams and sweet potato all make regular appearances on the dinner table. Thanks to its many rivers, Ugandans also eat a lot of fish, particularly tiger fish and tilapia. Uganda is largely considered Africa's fruit bowl with a variety of fruits available, including the popular Jackfruit.

Uganda Food

For something a little different, why not try a handful of deep fried grasshoppers? If you can’t stomach these insects then there are plenty of Indian influenced dishes that are served with chapattis. For dessert, many locals eat mandazi, deep fried dough covered in cinnamon or sugar. To go with your meal, grab yourself a glass of pombe, a fermented beer made with millet or banana.

Be wary when eating outside of high-end lodges as sometimes the quality of the meat and the way in which it has been prepared might not be suitable for a sensitive western stomach. Also be aware that food hygiene in Uganda is much more basic than you will be used to so if something looks unclean, old or badly cooked, it is best to avoid it altogether. It is also a good idea to avoid ice in your drink and eating salad as these might have come into contact with unhygienic water.


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