Uganda Tipping Guide

Uganda Tipping Guide

Uganda Tipping Guide

Tipping in Uganda is not obligatory but many travellers do leave tips and this extra money really helps boost the income of people working in the tourism industry. For restaurants, you can tip 10% for good service, and if you want to tip a taxi driver, then you can round up your fare. The question of when and when not to tip can be difficult in a foreign country. Here is a quick guide to tipping destination guides, safari guides and waiters in Uganda.

Uganda Tipping Guide

In Uganda, it is customary to tip your driver/guide at the end of a safari or hike, as well as any cook or porter that accompanies you.

A figure of roughly US$10–US$20 per day would be a fair benchmark, though do check this with your safari company in advance.

It is not essential to tip the guides who take you around in national parks and other reserves, but it is recommended, and the money will be greatly appreciated by the recipient; assuming the service has been good, anything from USD5 to USD30 is fine.

In some African countries, it is difficult to travel anywhere without being latched onto by a self-appointed guide, who will often expect a tip over and above any agreed fee.

This sort of thing is comparatively unusual in Uganda, but if you do take on a freelance guide, then it is advisable to clarify in advance that whatever price you agree is final and inclusive of a tip.

It is not customary to tip for service in local bars and hotels, though you may sometimes want to leave a tip (in fact, given the difficulty of finding change in Uganda, you may practically be forced into doing this in some circumstances).

A tip of 5% would be very acceptable and 10% generous. Generally any restaurant that caters primarily to tourists and to wealthy Ugandan residents will automatically add a service charge to the bill, but since there’s no telling where that service charge ends up, it would still be reasonable to reward good service with a cash tip.


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