Rwanda Weather and Climate

Rwanda Weather and Climate

Rwanda Weather and Climate

Even though Rwanda is located only two degrees south of the equator, Rwanda’s high elevation makes the tropical highland climate. The average day time temperature is 24°C with a possible maximum of 30°C. There are four noticeable seasons, the long dry season is from mid-May to September and the short rains from October to mid-December to mid-march. Heavy downpours occur almost daily, alternating with sunny weather. Rainfall is generally heavier in the western and northwestern mountains than in the eastern savannas. The summit of Mt. Karisimbi at 4507m, is often covered with hail or snow.

Rwanda Weather & Climate

Rwanda offers a temperate climate with daytime temperatures averaging around 25-30˚C (77-86˚F). Evening temperatures average around 15˚C (59˚F), however, areas like Nyungwe and the Virungas experience cooler nighttime temperatures. Rwanda has two rainy seasons classified as the “long rains” and the “short rains” and two dry seasons classified as the “long dry” and the “short dry”. The “long rains” are between mid-March to mid-May and the “short rains” are between mid-October to mid-December. The “long dry” is from mid-May to mid-October, and the “short dry” is from mid-December to mid-March.


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