Rwanda Food

Rwanda Food and Drinks

Rwanda Food and Drinks

In Rwanda, agriculture is a crucial sector and is the backbone of the economy. 90% of the country’s food needs come from what they planted in the farms. Coffee & tea being the main cash crops for export, the staple foods include bananas, sweet potatoes, beans, corn, peas, millet, fruit, cassava, plantains and many others. People in Rwanda prefer to eat simple meals cooked with locally grown ingredients. Agriculture in Rwanda itself employs about 70% of the labor force. Common factors like having very fertile soils have contributed to this. Also livestock is another growing sector. The cuisine of Rwanda is simple yet unique with the typical Rwandan diet consisting of sweet potatoes, beans, corn, peas, millet and fruit. Many Rwandans don’t eat meat more than a few times a month. Those people who live near lakes also incorporate fish into their diets, particularly tilapia. In more urban areas like Kilgali, various cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Italian and other African styled restaurants are available.

Rwanda Food
  • Ugali: This is a paste that is made from maize and water which when mixed together forms a porridge. Ugali is not only popular in Rwanda, it is also a favourite dish throughout eastern Africa.
  • Ibihaza: This dish is made from cut up pumpkin that is mixed with beans and is then boiled.
  • Isombe: This meal combines mashed cassava leaves with dried fish.
  • Matolie: This is a meal made from baked or steamed plantains.

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