Rwanda People & Culture

Rwanda People and Culture

Rwanda People and Culture

The National Language in Rwanda is ‘Kinyarwanda’ spoken by most people. English, French & Swahili are the Official languages. Rwanda is a country of mainly three tribes and these are the Hutu, Tutsi, and the Twa. The Hutu dominates other tribes with over 84%, Tutsi with 15% and the Twa 1%. Rwanda is now a unified state unlike in many other African countries and it’s mostly populated by the ‘Banyarwanda’ people who share a single cultural heritage & language. An essential part of most ceremonies, social gatherings in Rwanda is the traditional music & dance also known as ‘umushagiriro’ (Cow dance) performed by women. The dance of the heroes is performed by men and this involves drumming on drums known as ‘Ingoma’.

Rwanda People & Culture

In Rwanda, there are great items produced in the Art & Craft sector and these include woven baskets & bowls, wood carvings, customary housing styles. The women are the most gifted under this field and they normally use Imigongo, a unique cow dung art which it is produced in the southeast of Rwanda, with a history dating back to when the region was part of the independent Gisaka kingdom. The dung is mixed up with natural soils of various colors and painted into gorgeous ridges to form arithmetical shapes.


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