Kimondo Migration Camp

Kimondo Migration Camp in Serengeti

Kimondo Migration Camp in Serengeti

The Wildebeest Migration is one of the most incredible natural sights on Earth and features on many safari goers' bucket list. One of the best ways of ensuring great sightings of the passing gnu, gazelles and zebra is by joining a mobile camp that moves periodically to always be in proximity to the herds.

Kimondo Migration Camp is set in the famous Lamai Wedge of the northern Serengeti from July to November before moving to near Kusini in the south from December to March. In the south, camp is set up in a natural amphitheatre with excellent views of a popular waterhole.

In this way, the guests are always near the action - mating, river crossings or birthing.

A rustic yet very comfortable camp, Kimondo is the sister camp to Olakira and Ubuntu. Like Kimondo, the sister camps move between two different locations.

When Kimondo Camp is located in the northern Serengeti, it possible to do walking safaris at no extra cost.

Three nights is ideal period to stay in Kimonda although during the wildebeest migration, four would be fine. Kimondo Camp is often combined into trips with its sister camps Olakira Camp, Ubuntu Camp and the more luxurious Sayari Camp. It also combines very well with Dunia camp in the central Serengeti.

The camp is closed in November and through the rainy season from April to June.

Kimondo Camp would be suitable for mature children from the age 12. There are no activities or facilities here to entertain children.


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