Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya Climbing

Mount Kenya Climbing

Climbing Mount Kenya is something else. Yes, of course, you should climb Kilimanjaro but when you are looking for a more interesting piece of rock in Africa, you will sooner or later come across Mount Kenya.

Mount Kenya offers outdoor enthusiasts and mountaineers different options to bag one of the three peaks on Mount Kenya. You can make it as difficult as you possibly want.

In this blog post we will focus mainly on the easiest but not less exciting way of your Mount Kenya climb: By foot. Yes, you can go trekking on Mount Kenya. With 5,199 meters Batian Peak is a bit higher than Nelion (5,1888m) and Point Lenana (4,985m).

If you want to summit the first two peaks mentioned, you will need to gain some experience in traditional rock climbing. However, if you want to climb Point Lenana, you can just buy a decent pair of hiking shoes.

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Mount Kenya

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The Wildebeest Migration is best seen in Kenya between the month of July and that of September. The rest of the months the migration is in Serengeti

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Mount Kenya Gallery
Mount Kenya Gallery
Mount Kenya Gallery
Mount Kenya Gallery

Mount Kenya Routes

Sirimon Route

Mount Kenya Climbing Sirimon Route

Least used of the three main routes but the most gradual ascent profile and best for acclimatization. The route passes through impressive Yellowwood forests in the lower part, abundant wildlife and beautiful alpine scenery higher up.

Sirimon Chogoria Route

Mount Kenya Climbing Chogoria Route

The most scenic and interesting of the three main routes. Passes through the enchanting Hall Tarns and looks down into the spectacular Gorges Valley and onto the beautiful Lake Michaelson.

Naro Moru Route

Mount Kenya Climbing Naro Moru Route

The fastest route to Point Lenana but not so scenic. It is the most popular and therefore the most crowded compared to the Chogoria Route and the Sirimon Route for Mount Kenya climbing.

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